Our Team


Yoga Director, Teacher 

Larissa has been practicing yoga since 1997, where she fell in love by accident when the choice was either Bowling or Yoga for a final credit in college. She’s all about learning (anything, seriously anything), moving bodies, and petting all the cats! #yogaworks #stillnotagoodbowler

E-RYT 500 Certified, YACEP


  • Cats. It cannot be overstated. #crazycatlady
  • Plants and green things!
  • Lentils. And laughing. (not in that order.)
  • Star Wars #luminousbeingsarewe



Lindsay was at the Funky Buddha on OPENING DAY…..the very first day, and hasn’t left since. #funkybuddha4life 

E-RYT 200 Certified.


  • Riding the bus. #ridetherapid
  • Minimalism.
  • Disrupting business as usual. 
  • Michigan & all things local. #smittenwiththemitten



Laurie – Lifetime Yoga Enthusiast & Self-Proclaimed Food-iac. When Laurie grows up, she wants to be a traveling rock star yoga teacher (JT, Adam, GaGa, Katy…just reach out). #foodie #rockstarsneedyogatoo

E-RYT 200 Certified.


  • The kind of travel where you get bludgeoned with scenery. #naturebabe
  • Making scones. #chocolatetoffee
  • The kale Caesar salad with roasted salmon at Terra. #kaleyeah
  • Music that forces you to dance. #salsa


Assistant Coach, Teacher

Amanda wasn’t always a yoga teacher, but all roads (sometimes lakes) led her to yoga at Funky Buddha in 2011. Ask Amanda what a “Rockstar Job” is and her answer is “Doing something that is your passion.” #neverworkadayinyourlife

E-RYT 200 Certified.


  • Water – both drinking it & floating on it. #SUPyoga
  •  Coffee. 
  • Wearing red assistant towels in her pants. #assistant4life
  • Meticulously clean spaces. #msclean



Katie is Team Funky Buddha All. The. Way. She believes in transformation, hard hard work, and geeking out on anything that has to do with functional movement.


RYT 200 Certified. CMT.


  • Salads in jars. #pinterestworthy
  • Movement. Movement. Movement. And doing it in a way that won’t kill your body.
  • Stories that are so happy or funny that they make you cry.
  • Peppermint oil. #happysmells



Christina is obsessed with the science of movement & the science of cooking. She will try any food once & will likely go back for more! #kitchenscientist

E-RYT 200 Certified.


  • Thinking of things to cook for Yogis in the Kitchen. #tribenewsleter
  • The orange “Does Your Mother Know?” juice from SIP.
  • Chin stands. #whenyogisinvert
  • Crazy leggings.

Jen M.

Community Outreach Coordinator, Teacher

A lover of all things fierce, fun and challenging, Jen knew she was meant to be a part of The Funky Buddha team as soon as she found the studio. Jen is always looking for adventures – in fitness & in life. #cantstopwontstop

E-RYT 200 Certified. NASM CPT Certified. AFAA GFC Certified.


  • Golden Retrievers. #sofluffy 
  • Lunch boxes filled with ALL THE SNACKS.
  • Favorite food is salt & things under the salt. #NaCl
  • Sprinter vans & Sprinter van adventures. #vanlife



Long time fitness junkie, Kim began practicing yoga at home years ago, but it wasn’t until after having twins in 2010 that she decided to explore what a studio practice had to offer. #twinsdrovemetoyoga

RYT 200 Certified. AFAA GFC Certified.


  • Coconut LaCroix. #yogislovelacroix
  • Black clothing. Only black.
  • Boxing. #boxingyogi
  • Singing in the car. By herself. #lipsyncbattlechampion



A dancer in her past life, Audra was immediately drawn to the “Flow” of Funky Buddha Power Flow. Audra credits her yoga practice for learning how to balance her nose-in-a-book tendencies with talking to people in real life. #introvertsrock

RYT 200 Certified.


  • Alton Brown. #foodsciencegeek
  • Goats. 
  • Really expensive chocolate. #chocolateisafoodgroup 
  • The idea of teaching a yoga class in all rap lyrics. #bucketlist



Alli is all about all things fitness & movement and has decided to pursue her passion and make it her career. #nevergrowup

RYT 200 Certified.


  • To squat EVERY. DAY.
  • Donuts. #balance 
  • Lake Michigan. #happyplace
  • Halloween. #favoriteholidayboo

Jen S.


Jen S. believes that a stranger is just a person that she hasn’t met yet and that yoga is for everybody. #borntoconnect #actuallythisenthusiasticnaturally

RYT 200 Certified.


  • Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. #ninjaturtle
  • Talking to strangers. #nooneisastranger
  • Lip gloss. #desertislandnecessities
  • Thrift stores.



Grace has been fascinated by yoga since taking her first Funky Buddha yoga class in 2011. She was hooked! (Even though she felt like a flopping fish on a slip-and-slide.) She is continually amazed that a simple physical practice on a yoga mat can seep in a change every aspect of your life.

RYT 200 Certified.


  • The New York Times daily Soduku puzzle. (like seriously, everyday)
  • New Socks. It’s the unexpected joy they bring
  • Grocery Shopping – the whole process. From making my list & choosing things to observing fellow shoppers. It’s nothing to race through. 🙂



Steve fell in love with the flow of yoga and the post yoga savasana bliss and continues to seek balance in all aspects of his life.

RYT 200 Certified.


  • Naps
  • Fruit, all the fruits
  • Monkeys
  • Savasana Assists #thebest


Executive Director 

Before coming to the Funky Buddha in 2015, Anna lived in the world of ballroom dancing, owning two Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Indiana. Having flirted with yoga for most of her adult life, her true yoga love story began when she realized its amazing cross-training benefits for her ballroom dance teachers. With an extensive background in teaching, teacher development, curriculum development, corporate training, marketing, strategic planning, & “just keeping a lot of balls juggling,” Anna is right at home in Funky-Buddha-land. A voracious reader (and listener of audiobooks), Anna loves movement, teaching, sneaking nutritional relevance into her kids’ food, & studying what motivates people to do better and be better. Every once in awhile she knits a baby hat. #audibledotcom #eatthegreenstuff


Operations Manager

Michele, our Director of Operations works with the business-y, service-y and system-y sides of the Funky Buddha. She took her first class in July of 2011, when it was 98 degrees outside (3 degrees hotter than the studio!), and kept getting deeper and deeper into what the Funky Buddha offered. When she is not floating between FB studios, she is hanging with her goofy, music loving, fool-like dancing family. A self pro-claimed weirdo, her strengths include lip syncing to bad 90’s rap and remembering her dreams. #freshprincenoreally #lipsyncingbeforeitwascool


Marketing & Communications Manager

A collegiate athlete with a degree in Sports Management, Brittany (aka B.Bott) did not come to the Funky Buddha with visions of epic life change and yogic transformation, but it found her anyway. A lot of sweat, an embarrassing number of Lululemon tank tops, and five 30-Day Dares later – Britt is still rocking her yoga life. In fact, she has turned Funky Buddha yoga into her life and career. #yogigrownupjobs #professionalfacebooker


Marketing, Communications & Event Specialist, Retail Operations Coordinator

Bio coming soon!


Studio Operations Coordinator

Chelsea, our Studio Operations Coordinator, is a free spirited, nature loving, fitness enthusiast. This North Carolina native is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and is passionate about getting to know people. She has been part of the Funky Buddha in many capacities since 2013 including Student, Teacher’s Assistant, Front Desker, and now Studio Ops Coordinator! Outside of her yoga practice she rock climbs, lifts heavy, and loves to play futbol out on the pitch. Oh, and I guess we should also mention she’s a huge geek; strike up a conversation with her about Dr.Who, Star Wars, or Harry Potter and you’ll be chatting for hours. #hufflepuff #servicefirst #actuallyisthissmileynaturally