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Larissa Link - our team

Larissa – Yoga Director, Teacher

Yoga found Larissa several times. The first time was as a way to take an elective class in college that didn’t require a grade (no grade but the yoga didn’t stick).Then came P90X (again, didn’t stick). But in December of 2010, The Funky Buddha opened its doors and a (very wise) friend dragged Larissa to her first Saturday class (two words: yoga stuck!!). From that very first class, yoga stopped being something to do to get fit and instead became a practice to embody for life. Larissa found the connection of body, mind and spirit she didn’t even know she was searching for. A forever student of yoga, Larissa is in on-going training with Anna Baeten and Kerri Reinbold, and she can’t wait to meet you!

Lindsay Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Lindsay – Teacher

Before the Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse opened this girl had never set foot on a yoga mat. It really was love at first down dog for Lindsay! The Funky Buddha quickly became her second home, and soon she realized this practice to be more than just a physical workout. Busting out of the routine and initiating change in her life Lindsay wondered, could it be the yoga? Excited to learn more, this forever life-long student of the practice is Live, Love, Teach trained and in ongoing development with Kerri Reinbold and Larissa Link. You can find Lindsay on her mat daily. She’s also a YES for disrupting business as usual, enjoys facing her fears and wears hot pink pants when she can. Plain and simple Lindsay can’t wait to share her enthusiasm for yoga with you!

Laurie Labs Yoga Teacher - team

Laurie – Teacher

Laurie started practicing at The Funky Buddha on our team shortly after it opened and she couldn’t get enough. After participating in 40 Days to Personal Revolution Laurie said out loud…I think I want to teach! The rest, as they say, is history. Since then she has been immersed in training with Kerri Reinbold and Larissa Link. Yoga has transformed her life, giving her strength, peace and a whole lot of laughter. She’s committed to personal growth and sharing her passion for the practice with you.

Amanda Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Amanda – Assistant Coach, Teacher

Amanda learned bow pose at age 5. She was told to imagine she could catch and hold a ball with her body, and did she ever! In 2001, Amanda took her first yoga class and set sail on a yoga voyage to inner peace. Her first power flow class was at The Funky Buddha on Valentine’s Day. It was love at first drop of sweat. She continues to train with Kerri Reinbold and Larissa Link, and encourages her students to find peace while using their imagination muscles and playing like a kid.

Katie Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Katie – Teacher

For Katie, The Funky Buddha team is home. Every class she takes brings a new dimension to her yoga practice, and the support she feels from this community is like no other. Katie has watched herself coast through a very unenthusiastic and sporadic yoga practice, to cherishing time on her mat not just once, but sometimes twice a day. Yoga has had a transformative effect on Katie’s body and mind in ways she’s not experienced before. The impossible has become possible. Inspired by time spent on her yoga mat, teaching became the next step. Katie is Live Love Teach trained and in on-going development with Kerri Reinbold and Larissa Link. Yoga and teaching have inspired Katie to find the magic deep within just waiting to come out and shine.

Christina Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Christina – Teacher

Yoga has come in and out of Christina’s life many times, but it wasn’t until she found The Funky Buddha team that liking the practice turned into a deep love for it. After her first power flow class, Christina knew she wanted more. It was while taking 40 Days to Personal Revolution that Christina knew she had to share this practice with anyone she could. Christina is excited to pass on what she continues to learn about yoga, and is in ongoing development with Larissa Link and Kerri Reinbold. You can be sure to find her in the studio often, unrolling her mat right next to you!

Megan Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Megan – Teacher

Megan found The Funky Buddha team shortly after the Holland studio opened. She decided to give this yoga thing a shot and WHAM!, fell in love. Right away Megan noticed healthy changes happening in her mind and body. Since then, getting on her mat has taught her to be open, to let go what no longer serves her and that she is capable of much more than she expected. It didn’t take long for Megan to realize she wanted to teach, and also for the practice to become such a huge part of her life. Megan is in ongoing training with Larissa Link and Kerri Reinbold, is excited to continue her growth both on and off the mat and can’t wait to support you on your yoga journey.

Jen Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Jen – Teacher

Jen started practicing yoga six years ago while training for a long distance race. As a lover of all things fierce, fun and challenging, Jen knew she was meant to be a part of The Funky Buddha team as soon as she found the studio. Jen believes when you keep showing up to a yoga practice and commit to working your tail off at what you love, life falls into place. You’re most likely to find Jen on her yoga mat, cruising around on her paddleboard and just plain looking for adventure. She remains in ongoing development with Larissa Link and Kerri Reinbold.


kim Funky Yoga Teacher - team

Kim – Teacher

Kim began practicing yoga at home seven years ago, but it wasn’t until after having twins in 2010 that she decided to explore what a studio practice had to offer. After The Funky Buddha opened its doors, the next step was falling head-over-heels for a sweaty and athletic yoga practice. Since then, Kim has enjoyed experiencing increased strength, mental clarity and a passion for living life to its fullest. Kim is in ongoing training with Kerri Reinbold and Larissa Link, and is excited to share inspired teaching and forever growth with you!

audra-hot-yoga-teacher - team

Audra – Teacher

It was bedtime stories with Dad when Audra’s love of reading and learning began. She credits her yoga practice for learning how to balance her nose-in-a-book tendencies with a trust of being in and learning from the now moment. For Audra, yoga was initially an outlet for physical expression; she was hooked on the dance of asana. But after obtaining her 200HR Teacher Certification it became apparent she’d become a life long disciple of yoga’s physical and mental practices. Audra is in ongoing training with Kerri Reinbold and Larissa Link, and for her, being a part of The Funky Buddha team proves work is just love made visible.



Student Assistant Staff 2016-17

Walk into any of our locations and it’s hard to miss our amazing Student Assistants. Look for their smiling faces as you enter our practice spaces, and then enjoy the art of their expert hands-on assists. This world-class team makes you their priority every day by welcoming you, ensuring you have the gear needed for a safe and successful practice, and skillfully aligning your body during class. Simply put, they’ve got your back and can’t wait to show you what you’re capable of each time you step onto your mat. Our Student Assistant team is in on-going professional development with their Assistant Coach, Amanda, and Larissa Link.

anna-executive-director-funky-buddha - team

Anna – Executive Director

Anna is pretty sure the cosmos did its alignment thing to bring her to the Funky Buddha team. Prior to joining the Funky Buddha Tribe Anna lived in the world of ballroom dancing, owning two Arthur Murray studios in Indiana. Having flirted with yoga for most of her adult life, mad love of hot yoga began when she realized its awesome cross-training benefits for her ballroom dance teachers. With an extensive background in teaching, teacher development, corporate creativity training and generally “just keeping a lot of balls juggling,” Anna is a perfect fit in Funky Buddha-land. When Anna is not yoga-ing, she’s having kitchen dance parties with her two children and oppressively loving dog. A voracious reader (and listener of audiobooks), Anna loves yoga, teaching, sneaking nutritional relevance into her kids’ food and learning about what motivates people to do and be better. Every once in a while she knits a baby hat.

michele yoga operations manager - our team

Michele – Operations Director

If you asked Michele how she found yoga and the Funky Buddha team, she would explain it in one word: Serendipity. Her journey with The Funky Buddha has continued along this serendipitous route, and has landed her as the Operations Director, traveling between our three studios. When she is not smiling behind the desk, helping with memberships, sweating on her mat or performing 90’s rap for her colleagues, Michele loves to spend time with her two sweet and sassy daughters and super supportive husband.


brittany-studio-4-manager - our team

Brittany – Marketing & Communications Manager

A collegiate athlete with a degree in Sports Management, Brittany (aka B.Bott) did not come to the Funky Buddha with visions of epic life change and yogic transformation, but it found her anyway. 3.5 years, a lot of sweat, an embarrassing number of Lululemon tank tops, and four 30-Day Dares later Britt is still rocking her yoga life. In fact, she has turned Funky Buddha yoga into her life and career.

our team

Chelsea – Studio Operations Coordinator

Chelsea, our Grand Rapids Studio Operations Coordinator, is a free spirited, nature loving, fitness enthusiast. This North Carolina native is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and is passionate about getting to know people. She has been part of the Funky Buddha in many capacities since 2013 including Student, Student Assistant, Front Desker, and now SOC. Outside of her yoga practice she rock climbs, lifts heavy, and loves to play futbol out on the pitch. Oh, and I guess we should also mention she’s a HUGE geek; strike up a conversation with her about Dr. Who, Star Wars, Firefly or Harry Potter and you’ll be chatting for hours (she’s a Hufflepuff).

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