• January 26, 2018
  • Eastown

Live Music for Community Giving Program

live music community giving

Introducing……(drumroll)………(hushed anticipatory silence)……..

The Funky Buddha Live Music for Community Giving program!

At the Funky Buddha, we love Community. 

At the Funky Buddha, we love GIVING. 

At the Funky Buddha, we love Live Local Music. 

We are beyond pumped to unveil our new 2018 Funky Buddha Live Music for Community Giving program. 

Here is how it works:

  • Each month, The Funky Buddha will host a special (not on the regular schedule) Live Music Power Flow class.
  • There will be a $10 Cover Charge for all participating yogis (non-members, members, Funky Buddha Staff, everyone that wants to participate in this amazingly fun opportunity for Community Giving).
  • EVERY CENT of the Cover Charge collected will go to a local non-profit, chosen in collaboration between the performing musician & The Funky Buddha.
  • Let’s do a little math! We can fit 80-ish yogis into the Eastown Studio. That means that every month, we have the potential to give EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS to a local non-profit that is doing important work in our community. BOOOOOOOOM.
  • You get a bomb live music yoga experience + an extra not-typically-on-the-schedule class, and the local non-profits that we love get cash-ola to do their important work. Sounds like a win for EVERYONE.

Schedule of Events:

Friday, January 26th @ 7:30 pm in Eastown: Valentiger SIGN UP

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ALL Cover Charge proceeds to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids

$10 Cover Charge for members, non-members, and Funky Buddha staff.

live music community giving Valentiger_community music

Friday, February 16th @ 7:30 pm in Eastown: Matt Gabriel

live music community giving matt gabriel_live community music

Friday, March 16th @ 7:30 pm in Eastown: AJ Paschka (AND HIS LASERS)

live music community giving aj paschka_live community music

In 2018 The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse & its Staff has a goal (an actual written down, on the paper goal) of giving $10,000+ to local non-profits. Using yoga, which benefits us, to benefit the greater Grand Rapids community. YESSSSSSS. Let’s get this done yogis. Join us. This is going to be a fun funky ride.

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