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9 hours to be exact. Conveniently arranged into three bite-sized 3-hour chunks, fit as much yoga into your weekend as your schedule permits. We encourage you to do ALL THE THINGS – immersive experiences are awesome for injecting some oomph into your learning curve – but do what you can.

Each 3-hour session will contain about 2 hours of physical workshop material and 1 hour of related discussions and self-practice time.

BONUS (30-Day Dare-ers): This immersion is deliberately and strategically timed RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF DARE. We did this on purpose – so that you can stock-pile your yoga-tool belt full of skills to work on while you are sweating your asses off during the month of Dare. If you are going to do all that yoga, you might as well use the time on the mat to practice some specific skillz! As an added BONUS, the time that you spend in Immersion will count towards your Dare total. If you do the Full Immersion you will get tons of yoga practice and info PLUS 9 points towards your Dare. Front load your month yogis – get more out of your Dare with specific things to practice, and enjoy the journey just a little bit more.


$99/All Sessions – Member

$129/All Sessions – Non-Member

$49/A La Carte Session

Friday, May 4th – Forest Hills Studio

Session 1 | 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm | Led by: Larissa & Audra

What’s in the Practice? (2 hours) The Funky Buddha Mission Statement is: Growth through Practice. But what does that mean in your physical yoga practice? How do we grow our yoga practice?

What are the movements in your practice that are the most relevant to the functional movements of daily life? Do you have “stuck” spots? Or parts of your body that are consistently “twing-y” or tight? Often, a look at some of the rote-habits in your practice can help demystify a pose that eludes you or help prevent the little twing-ys that creep up slowly. Plan to sweat, learn new things, both big and small, and gain new insights into your yoga practice.

What’s in the Practice? Mental Edition (1 hour) Guess what?!?! Your physical yoga practice can help you to work out the stuff that goes on inside your mind! Awesome-sauce!

Does your brain ever say to you, ‘Hey, remember that one time we were really really embarrassed? Let’s think about that for a long long long time’… Huge bummer, and in the end, is it helpful?!?!

Shifting mindset is, in its simplest form, a practice – just like a Sun Salutation. How can we use the concepts of our physical yoga practice to make our mindset and mental habits healthier and more helpful? Alllllllll the practice!

Saturday, May 5th – Forest Hills Studio

Session 2 | 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm | Led by: Larissa & Laurie

Twist & Shout! (2 hours) All the good twisting – joyful shouting, optional 🙂

Question: Who feels a little awkwardness in twists?

Answer: Most of us.

Is your neck a little tight? Any tension in your shoulders? Is your head on straight? It can be hard to tell when you’re twisting, changing your relationship to gravity, AND sweating your butt off.

Learn how to better support your neck and spine, how to release pesky neck and shoulder tension. We will get into some fun spinal twists that will challenge you (anyone up for Side Crow??), and a few more to relax you (floor twists and Savasanaaaaaaaah).

The Release (1 hour) One of the greatest benefits of twisting our bodies is the release. We deliberately put torque and tension on our bodies, to access the benefit of the release of that tension. The mind can work the same way. We can’t eliminate stress, but we CAN change our relationship with it, and in doing so, give ourselves access to the positive side of the process.

Session 3 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm | Led by: Christina & Lindsay

My Life Got Flipped-Turned Upside Down (2 hours) Upsidedown-ers and maybe-nervous-about-upsidedown-ers! This workshop is FOR YOU! Inversions are GOOD FOR YOU! First learn foundational elements to put more weight into your hands and forearms, and less weight into your feet. Next, put it together and do some balancing and standing on your hands. This workshop is for ALL LEVELS. There will be enough variations that anyone can do it. It’s great for your insides, outsides, upsides, and downsides. Plus, it’s super fun!!

The View from Here (1 hour) See the world from a different angle. It’s all perspective. The practice of shifting your perspective can be literally life changing. Remember the whole, ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’? What about, if you can’t say something nice, can you at least think something nice? (This session includes Loving-Kindness Meditation.)


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