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  • Friday, May 5, 2017
  • Forest Hills
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FBU: Weekend Immersion | May 5&6

weekend immersion

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9 hours to be exact. Conveniently arranged into three bite-sized 3-hour chunks, fit as much yoga into your weekend as your schedule permits. We encourage you to do ALL THE THINGS – immersive experiences are awesome for injecting some oomph into your learning curve – but do what you can.

Each 3-hour session will contain about 2 hours of physical workshop material and 1 hour of related discussions and self-practice time.

BONUS (30-Day Dare-ers): This immersion is deliberately and strategically timed RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF DARE. We did this on purpose – so that you can stock-pile your yoga-tool belt full of skills to work on while you are sweating your asses off during the month of Dare. If you are going to do all that yoga, you might as well use the time on the mat to practice some specific skillz! As an added BONUS, the time that you spend in Immersion will count towards your Dare total. If you do the Full Immersion you will get tons of yoga practice and info PLUS 9 points towards your Dare. Front load your month yogis – get more out of your Dare with specific things to practice, and enjoy the journey just a little bit more.


$99/All Sessions – Member

$129/All Sessions – Non-Member

$49/A La Carte Session

Friday, May 5th – Forest Hills Studio

Session 1 | 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Airplanes, Eagles & Trees. Oh My! (2 hours) Balance. So important – in body, in life….yeah….just all the time. Balancing and balancing poses seem pretty straight forward, but gaining a better knowledge (and a more active integrated body) in your balancing poses will give you all kinds of benefits, from increased connectivity between the two hemispheres of your brain to a higher tighter yoga butt. From your feet to the crown of your head. Let’s balance!

What Does Equanimity Even Mean? (1 hour) Equanimity is one of those super yoga-y terms that sounds SUPER great! But what does it even mean? In this context, it is about bringing balancing skills and concepts off of your mat and into your life. Who couldn’t use a little bit of that?

Saturday, May 6th – Forest Hills Studio

Session 2 | 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Salutation Nation (2 hours) Everything that you need to know about yoga you can find in a Sun Salutation. One lunge, two lunge, red lunge, blue lunge! Salute the Sun and your hips have Fun! Linds will guide you through the Whys of All. The. Lunges. And work through your questions on Chaturanga, High Plank, and Right Foot, Right Foot (red foot, blue foot….to carry our Dr. Seuss reference just a little too far). Not sure what that means? Join us!

How to Take Care of Yourself (1 hour) You get a Savasana assist! And you get a Savasana assist! And you and you and you! Okay, we are going to lure you to this with the Savasana assist, but Self Care is so much more. How do you walk the razor blade edge of challenging yourself and taking care of yourself? The teachers always say “Take Care of Yourself,” but what the heck does that mean and how can we actually bring it into our practices (both on and off the mat) in the most effective and supportive way?

Session 3 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Yoga Party Tricks 2.0 (2 hours) Adult Recess! Hell yes! Let’s play! See how the most fundamental of skills can be built into the coolest and most party-worthy poses! If you wanted to do a side-crow, flying warrior, or something else a little bit goofy – one, HOW would you build it? – and two, where would you put it or practice it in your in-studio practice? Christina will lead you through all the steps necessary to customize your practice and challenge yourself in and out of the studio.

3 Minutes to a Happier You (1 hour) Train your brain just like you train your muscles. Want some tips on how to hardwire happiness into your daily life? Join us for a few simple practices you can take with you OFF of your mat!

weekend immersion

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