Our Core Values:

High Funking Standards

The Funky Buddha was founded on the belief that yoga should be accessible to all, fun, taught by inspiring and authentic teachers and supported by a professional staff that provides exceptional service to our students and customers.  This doesn’t seem groundbreaking to us, but in the yoga industry…it is. We’ve stayed committed to professionalism and fun, and the results speak for themselves.

Our phenomenal growth has been guided by willingness to ask ourselves the following critical questions: What kind of studio would we want to practice at? What kind of workplace would we want to work in? Are we setting yoga industry standards, or simply following? Are we better than we were a year ago?

These questions keep our staff of over 70 employees on the same page creatively. How we answer them is guided by our staff-driven core values. It’s how we stay grounded in what’s most important to us…creating a world class yoga studio and a kick-ass place to work.

Our Funky Buddha Core Values:

  1. Accessible Yoga (a fun, welcoming and authentic environment for all)
  2. Quality & Professionalism in all we do (high standards)
  3. Continuous Improvement & Innovation (a mediocrity-free environment)
  4. RICH Action (Respect, Integrity, Intentionality, Caring, Honesty, Humility)
  5. Service First

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