Funky Buddha Community Partners:

We Heart Giving Back

The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse was born in Grand Rapids, and is committed to being an engaged member of the greater Grand Rapids Community.

As we work to personify and live Funky Buddha Core Values, it is obvious that our intentional and active work in the community must be a priority. The Funky Buddha Community program is committed to collaborative work within the Grand Rapids community and for the benefit of our Community Partners. We heart giving back.

For information on these close-to-our-heart organizations click below.

Community Partners


Music, and specifically local music, has always been a part of the The Funky Buddha culture. Be it a Slow Flow Slow Jam with local DJs or an epic Laser Light Power Flow with Music class, live local music is near and dear to our Funky hearts.

Supporting our Funky Buddha artists has always been a priority, and when contemplating community partnerships, WYCE was an obvious match. We love and support local music and musicians, and WYCE loves and supports local music and musicians.

WYCE is an independent, community radio station serving the communities of Grand Rapids and West Michigan with its on-air FM programming at 88.1 Mhz, and reaching out to the world through online streaming on the Internet. Check out all of the amazing ways that WYCE contributes to the radio and musical culture of Grand Rapids.

spoke folks community partners

The Spoke Folks

What can we say about the The Spoke Folks? Amazing people doing amazing work in an amazing way.

A Grand Rapids co-op committed to equity, transportation, craftsmanship, education…..and FUN!! The Spoke Folks and their shop provide the Grand Rapids community with bicycle expertise in an accessible, education-focused environment. For a mere $5, you can drop into their shop, put your bike up on a stand, and a Spoke Folks mechanic will TEACH you how to fix your bike in their fully equipped facility. The importance of mobility and transportation cannot be understated, and Spoke Folk’s Mobile Repair Truck allows for them to reach the community neighborhood by neighborhood. What can we say? We <3 The Spoke Folks.

Community Partners

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

“A breath of fresh air for parks and trees” – Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

Those of you that are familiar with The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse know that we LOVE public parks. Throughout our history, parks have been a favorite warm-weather venue for Funky Buddha programming and community offerings.

The Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is an independent, citizen led, nonprofit enterprise founded in 2008, which works closely with but separate from the City of Grand Rapids, with the mission to identify specific park projects, mobilize people, and generate resources to protect, enhance, and expand the City’s parks and public spaces. In a nutshell, they make park improvement projects happen by bringing together neighbors, park users, the City, funders, volunteers and contractors.

Vibrant parks and public spaces are an essential component to a healthy and vibrant city – and we are all about that! Funk yeah!

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