Community Partners

The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse was born in Grand Rapids, and is committed to being an engaged member of the greater Grand Rapids Community.

We love yoga. We love community. We love community GIVING.

As we work to personify and live Funky Buddha Core Values, it is obvious that our intentional and active work in the community must be a priority. At The Funky Buddha, we are committed to using our yoga platform to amplify and support Grand Rapids’ non-profits and the important work that they do on the ground every day to make our city more accessible, more equitable, and more beautiful.

Through the ongoing partnerships and programming of the Funky Buddha Community Program (like those listed below), we are able to simultaneously provide affordable yoga opportunities AND raise money – cash dollars – for many Grand Rapids organizations.

  • Weekly $5 In-Studio Community Classes
  • Free Outdoor Community Classes in the Summertime
  • The Special Community Music Program Classes
  • The Funky Buddha Triathlon Series (to benefit The Spoke Folks)
  • ArtPrize+ Yoga
  • Cats on Mats (to benefit Harbor Humane Society)

At the end of 2017, the entire staff of The Funky Buddha got together and committed to the ambitious & audacious 2018 goal of raising $10,000 for Community Partners. We wanted this goal to be BIG. We wanted it to be BOLD. We wanted it to live in the minds of our staff & students all year long.

Come with us on this journey! Follow along with the progress! And of course, come to all of the super fun Funky Buddha Community programming all year long!