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Broga + Bros Doing Yoga. It is a thing.

There is no denying it. Yoga has become much more mainstream in the past several years.

And yet….we still often hear specific hesitation in the male population when it comes to to the idea of rolling out a yoga mat and getting on the yoga-train.

We can’t help but wonder WHY?!?

Strength. Flexibility. Mindfulness. Cross-training. Detoxification. A straight up GOOD SWEAT. It seems like these benefits transcend gender. Yet, yoga remains a predominantly female activity. 

At the Funky Buddha we see quite a few men – many more than the overall “industry standard.” But still we find ourselves fielding a lot of questions from warry males and have a lot of female students that wish the males in their lives would “just give it a try.”


brogan funky buddha yoga hothouse

To strengthen our case, below are some commonly expressed concerns & questions, answered by some of our really-real-life male yoga students.

What do you say to guys that say yoga is just for girls?

“Want to get rid of those pesky love handles? Well come try out a hot yoga class and it will kick you’re a$$! It’s all about how much effort you put in, if you go through the paces it won’t be a killer exercise but if you work on hand stands and arm balances you bet your butt you’ll be sore!”

“You’re wrong.”

What should a guy (or what do you) wear to yoga?

“Clothing is not a terribly difficult hurdle, the key however, is a liner. Most athletic/running shorts have one built in and generally work fine. Spandex by itself, or with shorts over top also works well. Remember, yoga is going to push you and your wardrobe, make sure the flexibility and durability of your clothing out performs your physical ability. It’s embarrassing for you and distracting for everyone else if the two get switched around.”

Is there such a thing as “TOO Sweaty” ?

“Absolutely not, your body is designed to sweat and the more you can tap into that mechanism the better. Just make sure you bring plenty of water to replenish what you lose.”

“Never! Embrace the sweat and get those toxins out!”

What would you say to dudes that are hesitant to try yoga?

“I train multiple movement disciplines daily, plus I drive a lot for my profession. Yoga helps maintain suppleness and balance with my body. Without it I’d be in a lot of trouble with pain management and my ability to push myself in other disciplines. The women of the studio are wonderful and it’s a place of refuge for me after a stressful day. You feel cared for and appreciated. I couldn’t imagine not having the studio apart of my weekly routine.”

“Rip that band-aid off and just do it. Embrace it and meet some awesome people along the way!”

“There is more to gain than there is to lose. I was self-conscious when I started and still am from time to time, but it’s to satisfying and effective of an activity to be brushed aside for the sake of social stigma.”

So there you have it, from the mouth of the bros doing broga at the Funky Buddha.

Give it a try.

…and in celebration of Father’s Day, and to encourage the men of the Greater Grand Rapids area to give yoga a try. Men! Practice free for Father’s Day weekend. We declare this – National Broga Weekend. Do the yoga. You won’t regret it.


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