Groupon FAQ’s

Q: I purchased a Groupon and am attempting to pre-register for class, but I can’t find the option to pay with it. How do the heck do I pre-register?
A: You cannot pre-register for class online with a Groupon.  In order to reserve your spot, call the studio location where you’d like to take class: Eastown (616) 459-9642, Forest Hills (616) 940-8831, Holland (616)-392-3225. Let our staff know you purchased a Groupon and would like to reserve a spot in class. You’ll activate your Groupon by taking your first class.

Q:  We know the fine print is confusing. So you’re probably wondering how long do I have to redeem my Groupon?
A: After purchase, the Groupon voucher must be activated within 60 days in person at any Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse location.

Q: How long do I have to use my Groupon?
A: You have 30 days to use your 5 classes once it is activated.

Q: Can I share my Groupon with someone else?
A: No, your purchased Groupon can only be used by you.

Q: I sent a Groupon as a gift, how does that person use it?
A: The individual you gifted the Groupon to must activate it by bringing the voucher in to our studio via paper copy or smart phone app. However, if the individual already purchased this Groupon offer, the gifted voucher will turn into credit on their Funky Buddha Yoga account.

Q: How many Groupons may I buy?
A: One per person please. This includes new and current customers.

Q: Is there anything special I have to do if this is my first visit to the studio?
A: Yes. Welcome to the studio and thank you for your purchase!! As a first time student you will want to arrive early (approximately 15 mins prior to class), bring a yoga mat, hand-sized towel and water bottle, and you’ll need to fill out a waiver prior to taking class.