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The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse.


Like 95° hot. Like Michigan in July hot. Our studio is custom built to maintain summer-like temperatures all year long. Heat purifies, improves flexibility, protects from injury, torches calories, and simply sets you free.


Funky Buddha Yoga isn’t about bending you into a pretzel or forcing you to chant. It’s about challenging you to reach your fullest potential. Basically, you're a rock star. We'll help you realize it.


We offer a challenging, flowing practice that produces extraordinary results while being accessible to all levels and abilities. It’s yoga The Funky Buddha way.


Grand Rapids Yoga

Three West Michigan studios! All Amazing and voted "Best of Grand Rapids". Our Eastown Studio in Grand Rapids is LEED Silver Certified and 3,400 square feet of hot yoga bliss! Our Holland hothouse is a newly renovated, 3,000 square foot space turned hot yoga paradise in the Holland Town Center. The Forest Hills Studio is 2,500 square feet of sunshine in the brand new Forest Hill Center.

 All locations feature:

  • Natural cork flooring.
  • Interactive practice space.
  • Surround sound.
  • State-of-the-art heating system.
  • State-of-the-art humidification system.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation and fresh air exchange.
  • Private changing rooms.
  • Private bathrooms.
  • Hot yoga boutique.
  • LUCY Apparel, Manduka Mats, Ruby Project Tees, and more!

Whether in Grand Rapids or Holland, we trust you’ll love calling our hothouse your hothouse.

Kerri Reinbold

Kerri ~ Co-Founder, Director of Teacher Development, Senior Staff Instructor

Kerri took her first yoga class in 2003 after a knee injury left her unable to run. Little did she know a yoga mat would take her more places than running ever could. For Kerri, yoga took a refreshing turn when Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power arrived in her mailbox. She’d found her yoga home. Since then she’s watched her life transform in ways she couldn't have scripted thanks to an approach that’s accessible, relevant, and ridiculously fun. Kerri considers herself a lifelong student of this beautiful thing called yoga. She’s up to something big when it comes to life and teaching, and hopes you are too.


Amber ~ Workshop & Events Coordinator, Senior Staff Instructor

Amber was introduced to yoga in 2001. At that time, yoga didn’t speak to her the way typical forms of exercise did, and she drifted away from the practice. Years later, Amber traveled to Africa to work with children affected by HIV/AIDS. She came back to the States liberated. Ready to BE the change. It was at this time yoga began speaking to her in a way she’d never heard before. With the realization that yoga is much more than just a series of poses, and that anyone can harness their personal energy for positive change, Amber began her journey into teaching. She is super stoked to share this practice with you and can not wait to witness your own journey into power!


Ashley ~ Senior Staff Instructor

Ashley took her first yoga class in 2007 out of pure curiosity. She was instantly in love. After taking her first Baptiste Power Vinyasa class she knew that she wanted to share that love and so began her journey into teaching. Yoga has transformed her life in ways unimaginable and she seeks to show students that anything is possible. A lifelong student, Ashley is in on-going training with Baron Baptiste. If she isn’t teaching at The Funky Buddha, she’s practicing there and looks forward to sweating and bringing the funk with you.


Lindsay ~ Senior Staff Instructor

Before the Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse opened, this girl had never set foot on a yoga mat. It really was love at first down dog for Lindsay! The Funky Buddha quickly became her second home, and soon she realized this practice to be more than just a physical workout. Busting out of the routine and initiating change in her life, Lindsay wondered, Could it be the yoga? Excited to learn more, this forever life-long student of the practice is Live, Love, Teach trained and in ongoing development with Kerri Reinbold and Baron Baptiste. You can find Lindsay on her mat daily. She's also a YES for disrupting business as usual, enjoys facing her fears, and wears hot pink pants when she can. Plain and simple, Lindsay can’t wait to share her enthusiasm for yoga with you!


Larissa ~ Yoga Director, Senior Staff Instructor 

Yoga found Larissa several times. The first time was as a way to take an elective class in college that didn't require a grade (no grade, but the yoga didn't stick).Then came P90X (again, didn't stick). But in December of 2010, The Funky Buddha opened its doors and a (very wise) friend dragged Larissa to her first Saturday class (two words: yoga stuck!!). From that very first class yoga stopped being something to do to get fit, and instead became a practice to embody for life. Larissa found the connection of body, mind, and spirit she didn't even know she was searching for. A forever student of yoga, Larissa is in on-going training with Kerri Reinbold and Baron Baptiste, and can't wait to meet you! 


Carrie ~ Staff Instructor

Carrie was introduced to yoga in 2003 during her undergrad years. She was inspired, but had some more journeying to do. After a few years of searching for her true self, her real home, and what honestly made her spark, she found Eastown and The Funky Buddha. During her first class she knew her search had paid off. This was it, what she had been looking for all these years! Serenity, joy, love, peace, health, spiritualism, wholeness, a lot of funk…all these were there, within Carrie, and within Carrie's reach. Her new home, her new love, her new life. Carrie is advising, educating, and inspiring yoga love with our locals daily. She is Live, Love, Teach trained and in ongoing development with Kerri Reinbold.

Laurie ~ Staff Instructor

Laurie started practicing at The Funky Buddha shortly after it opened, and she simply couldn’t get enough. After participating in 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Laurie said out loud…I think I want to teach! The rest, as they say, is history. Since then she has been immersed in training with Kerri Reinbold and Baron Baptiste. Yoga has transformed her life, giving her strength, peace, and a whole lot of laughter. She’s committed to personal growth, and sharing her passion for the practice with you.

Amanda ~ Staff Instructor

Amanda learned Dhanurasana (bow pose) at age 5. Then it was called “basket”. She was told to imagine she could catch and then hold a ball with her body, and did she ever! In 2001 Amanda took her first yoga class, and set sail on a yoga voyage to inner peace. Her first power vinyasa class was at The Funky Buddha on Valentine’s Day. It was love at first sweat drop. She continues to train with Kerri Reinbold and Baron Baptiste, and encourages her students to find peace while using their imagination muscles to play like a kid.

Katie ~ Staff Instructor

For Katie, The Funky Buddha is home funky home. Every class she takes brings a new dimension to her yoga practice, and the support she feels from this community is like no other. Katie has watched herself coast through a very unenthusiastic, sporadic yoga practice, to cherishing time on her mat not just once, but sometimes twice a day. Yoga has had a transformative effect on Katie's body and mind in ways she's not experienced before. The impossible has become the possible. Inspired by time spent on her yoga mat, teaching became the next possible step. Katie is Live Love Teach trained and in on-going development with Kerri Reinbold. Yoga and teaching have inspired Katie to find the magic deep within just waiting to come out and shine. 

Mali ~ Staff Instructor

Mali didn't find yoga, yoga found her! After a back injury that made every other form of exercise seem impossible, she decided to try this yoga thing. Wouldn't you know it was love at first, funky, 95 degree down dog and Mali hasn't looked back since. After a decade working and studying in the natural health field, Mali knows she's finally found the most holistic healing tool there is: breath and flow. Once she discovered this she knew she needed to teach! She's most thrilled to remind her students of who they truly are. Mali is Live Love Teach trained and in on-going development with Kerri Reinbold. She can't wait to meet you exactly where you are and help you experience your own sacred path to wholeness.

Sarah ~ Staff Instructor

Yoga and Sarah met in March, 2011 at The Funky Buddha. Sarah was instantly in love! This practice started shifting her perspectives, patterns, and pathways in ways she never expected. Sarah was looking for unity in her life, and yoga turned out to be the glue that started putting everything back together again. She is in awe of the universe and her tiny time and place in it because it gives her a chance to create something new and fun. Sarah is in on-going training with Kerri Reinbold and Baron Baptiste, and she is super excited to see what fantastic things you are creating in your life too.



Leigh ~ Director of Studio Operations

What more can be said of Leigh? She's the second most famous baller ever to play at Indiana State University, a corporate refugee, owner of Tanner (the coolest Whippet ever), and the glue that keeps everything together at The Funky Buddha. If you’ve been to the studio you’ve seen Leigh’s smiling face and graceful presence. Next time you stop in, make sure to say HI! And if you really want to get on her good side, bring her an iced tea from Global Infusion (or any kind of homemade smoothie with lots of fresh fruit). You’ll have a new friend for life!


michele bookie

Michele ~ Assistant Director of Studio Operations

Michele is the Robin to Leigh’s Batman and the Luke Skywalker to Leigh’s Yoda. Together, this dynamic duo work to keep our yogis happy and both studios running as smooth as possible. If you asked Michele how she found yoga and the Funky Buddha, she would explain it in one word: Serendipity. Her journey with The Funky Buddha has continued along this serendipitous route, and has landed her as the Assistant Director of Studio Operations. When she is not smiling behind the desk, or sweating in the studio, Michele loves to spend time with her 2 sweet and sassy daughters and super supportive husband.


Boy meets girl. Girl says "no way" to first date. Boy and girl marry a few years later. Boy becomes entrepreneur. Girl falls in love with yoga. Boy and girl welcome twin boys. Boy and girl move back home. The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse is born. It was that simple. OK, not really, but what it’s taken to get here has been worth every step.

We grew up in West Michigan. After having lived in Chicago and Madison we decided to return to Grand Rapids in December of 2009 to raise our sons, Abe and Jake. Why? To be close to friends and family, and to be a part of the creative energy that is alive and growing in the city. We also wanted to create a studio like those we have experienced elsewhere; something truly unique, something special, and something that has been missing in Grand Rapids and Holland, until now.

The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse is our gift to you. We hope our passion for entrepreneurial creativity and the life-changing, transformational power of yoga ooze from our being, and from this, our first studio. It’s taken a lifetime of experiences to arrive at 1331 Lake Drive in Eastown, but it’s been worth the journey. Welcome to our hothouse. We hope you'll also call it yours.

Chris & Kerri Reinbold


See what our students have said about us...

The Funky Buddha is amazing! Great instructors, great crew of fellow yogis, great community spirit. It's the perfect place to sweat and grow stronger, inside and out.


Love, love, love this place! Great classes that build strength, endurance, and bring peace in this busy world. The instructors provide you with everything you need to get started and develop your poses. The heat does amazing things for your practice and well-being. The studios ambience makes it a special place to be.  I highly recommend this studio - there's nothing else like it!


The best workout and stress reliever I have EVER had!


Amazing! Beautiful! Cathartic! Delightful! Energizing! Funky!


The BEST! Simply the best! Changes your life...


Very good experience and teacher! My first time doing structured yoga class and I really felt comfortable...


Best possible workout you can get without leaving your 3'x6' mat. Prepare to sweat like crazy and feel great afterward.


This place rocks! Totally awesome instructors and front desk staff! All of the staff are very helpful, accomodating, friendly and fun!


The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse teachers are excellent and practicing in the heat takes yoga to a new level. I leave class feeling like someone has picked me up by my feet and head and twisted, wringing me out. It's an amazing feeling. 


The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse rocks! The right heat and humidity makes the world of difference in practicing power yoga. Love the large classes too - helps you get lost in the flow! Great inspiring teachers.


I'm new to yoga, where can I start?

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life in ways as unique as you are. As with anything new, please be compassionate with yourself. Remember it isn’t possible to get everything right away, and even the most advanced yogi is still in the process of learning. A great place to start is by meeting Carrie, our Yoga Advisor. Join her in our 90 minute Absolute Beginners Class, held Saturdays for only $10.  If this class doesn't jive with your schedule, another great place to start is with one of our Basics Classes.  Click here to view class times and pre-register, or call ahead to our Eastown location # 616-459-9642, or Holland location # 616-392-3225.

How often should I practice?

Initially, there is great benefit to completing 10–15 classes in 30 days. This will give you a solid physical and intellectual base from which to catapult your growth. After that, expect a regular practice of 2–3 classes per week to result in the changes you desire over time. For life changing results, come 4–6 times per week. Funk Yeah!

What do I wear?

Be comfortable. Each class is heated to 95 degrees, so dress lightly and in synthetics whenever possible. 100% cotton will soak up sweat and become heavy. A dry change of clothing for after class is a nice option.

What do I bring?

You, of course! But no class is complete without a mat, a good sized towel, and a water bottle. We rent mats and towels in studio, have drinking fountains, and sell bottled water, electrolyte replacers, and light snacks.

Can I eat before class?

It’s best to have a light snack within one hour prior to class. Foods appropriate for pre-class snacking include fruit, yogurt, toast with peanut butter, or light energy bars.

How much water should I drink?

Always come to class well-hydrated. Dehydration can happen quickly and is no picnic. 12-ounces in the hours before class is recommended, and we love seeing you sip during class when necessary. Another 12–16 ounces of water or electrolyte replacer after class is also recommended.

Should I replace electrolytes?

Yes! You will lose valuable minerals as you sweat. Drinking water does not replace them, and can actually dilute the electrolytes that remain in your system. One electrolyte replacer per class is recommended, unless you have a medical condition that prohibits such intake. Vitamin Water, coconut water, and Gatorade are great choices. We sell a variety of replacers in studio.

How hot will class be?

Think Michigan in July. Our practice space is heated to 95 degrees at all times, but expect temps to rise in accordance with the number of Funky Buddhas in the room.

What are the benefits of a heated class?

Try bending cold glass and it will shatter. Add heat and you can mold it into any desired shape. The human body responds to heat in much the same way. In a heated yoga class you’ll experience deeper levels of stretching, with less risk of injury. And did we mention that it is so purifying to sweat? Shed decades of toxins, and give an overworked liver and/or kidneys much needed rest. We promise, you’re gonna like it hot.

What can I expect physically?

Funky Buddhas committed to a regular practice can expect an increase in flexibility, muscle tone, strength, stamina, and overall health. Hot yoga efficiently stokes your own internal heat, resulting in an increased metabolism. Translation: Funky Buddhas are fat-burning machines.

How does Funky Buddha Power Vinyasa differ from other forms of yoga?

The Funky Buddha offers a different kind of yoga practice, one that is based on intuition rather than yogic tradition. We believe Funky Buddhas are their own best guru, and our classes seek to help you become a better listener to the teacher that already exists inside you. We’re not a health club and we’re not a Himalayan cave, but we can promise you the beautiful, healthy body you deserve, and the enlightenment necessary to inflict change in every area of your life. Ready, Set, Go get YOU!

Still Have Questions?

Ask us!   We've got answers and would love to help.  E-mail your questions to call the studio at Eastown 616-459-9642, Holland 616-392-3225,  Forest Hills at 616-940-8831 or simply fill out the form below.


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